“Shining” Second Line Parasol Parade, a Brilliant Baltimore Neighborhood Lights Event

Jump in the line! Join the “Second Line” parade of music, lights, and parasols & celebrate Brilliant Baltimore’s Neighborhood Lights!


As part of the Brillant Baltimore Neighborhood Lights program, we’re bringing a New Orleans style “Second Line” parade to the streets of Fells Point. Join us as we celebrate culture and community, carry lighted parasols from the waterfront up Broadway!

Led by the Naptown Brass Band there will be jubilant dancing in the street and people decked out in a wardrobe of brightly colored garb, hats and bonnets, lights and parasols – go all out and really get into the spirit! A second line, by its very nature, invites crowd participation.

Pick up a parasol from 5 – 5:45 pm at Broadway Square. At 6 pm, jump in the line as we parade up Broadway to Eastern Ave. and back down again. After the event, head up to Broadway Market for a community generated art installation on the pergola then peruse the neighborhood and check out the lighted storefront displays. Vote for your favorite and you could win a $250 gift card to the business of the winning storefront!

In advance of the event, Fells Point Main Street will be hosting 2 free community workshops for any and all to add some style to our parasols.

RSVP for one of our FREE parasol decorating workshops!

Proudly sponsored by the Baltimore Promotion of the Arts and Brillant Baltimore