New Taxis Hitting Baltimore Waters Have Wi-Fi, Heat & A/C

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Nine months after the big announcement, a new wave of water taxis are finally hitting Baltimore waterways with help from Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Sagamore Development.

“Every single aspect of this boat was thought through and it was all thought through with the passenger experience in mind,” said Demian Costa, managing partner with Sagamore Ventures.

An experience that’s spearheaded by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Sagamore Ventures.

WJZ was given inside access to the first finished vessel, one that holds nearly 50 passengers with heat, air conditioning and even Wi-Fi.

“We’re doing something that no one has done before and it’s going to be a vessel no one has seen before,” said Nelson Patterson, senior technician at Maritime Applied Physics Corp.

The current program has 13 stops along its route, but will soon add an additional 4 stops, giving tourists an opportunity to explore more of Baltimore.

“It’s going to be absolutely incredible when you talk about 13/14 million people coming to city every year, walking around the Harbor,” Costa said. “We need to re-brand ourselves nationally and change the perception of what this city is.”

A perception that all starts on the water.

“This is going to open up great opportunities for Baltimore, not only of our local but for visitors, to see something in our harbor that can’t be seen anywhere else,” said Patterson.

Officials say they plan to add stops in Cherry Hill, Port Covington and additional stops near the Harbor. The exact locations are still being discussed.

Sagamore says they’re planning to build 10 total, which should all be on the water by 2019.

The boats are expected to be out making runs within the next two weeks.

Maritime Applied Physics Corporation is the company building the boats. The vessels are custom made using 100% aluminum.

Another stop added for the water taxi program will be Kevin Plank’s recreation pier hotel in Fells Point, which is currently under construction.

Sagamore Development says the hotel is on target to open in February.

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