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Celebrating International Women’s Day all Month!


“Choose to Challenge.” A Challenged world is an alert world.

Celebrate International Women’s Day all month by supporting the variety of women-owned businesses in Fell’s Point. Starting a business is a Herculean task in the best of circumstances. It’s even more of a challenge when historically women have had to face further challenges solely due to bias against their gender. Their businesses are nothing short of heroic examples of the strength and fortitude in the face of institutional hurdles to their success.


Women-Owned Bars & Restaurants

Abbey Burger- 811 S. Broadway http://www.abbeyburgerfellspoint.com

Ale Mary’s- 1939 Fleet Street http://alemarys.com

Alexander’s Tavern- 710 S. Broadway http://www.alexanderstavern.com

Blarney Stone- 704 S. Broadway http://blarney-stone-pub-baltimore.edan.io/

Blue Moon Cafe- 1621 Aliceanna Street http://bluemoonbaltimore.com

Cat’s Eye Pub- 1730 Thames Street http://catseyepub.com

Dog Watch Tavern- 709 S. Broadway http://dogwatchtavern.com

Friends & Family- 1634 Aliceanna Street http://www.friendsandfamilybaltimore.com

Handlebar Cafe- 511 Caroline Street https://www.handlebarcafe.com

Max’s Taphouse- 737 S. Broadway http://www.shop.maxs.com

Papi’s Tacos- 1703 Aliceanna Street http://www.papistacosfells.com

Penny Black- 1800 Thames Street http://www.pennyblackbaltimore.com

Peter’s Inn- 504 S. Ann Street http://www.petersinn.com

Sophia’s Place- Broadway Market, (410) 342-6105

Thames Street Oyster House- 1728 Thames Street http://www.thamesstreetoysterhouse.com

The Point- 1738 Thames Street http://www.thepointinfells.com

The Wharf Rat- 801 S. Ann Street http://thewharfrat.com

Vikki’s Deli- Broadway Market, (410) 276-6996

V-No- 905 S. Ann Street http://v-no.com


Women-Owned Retail & Services

A Good Yarn- 1738 Aliceanna Street, (410) 327-3384

A La Mode Intimates- 724 S. Broadway https://www.alamodeintimates.com/

After Midnight- 819 S. Broadway https://www.facebook.com/aftermidnight819

aMuse Toys- 1623 Thames Street http://amusetoys.com

Along the Way- 1719 Aliceanna Street http://www.facebook.com/alongthewayantiques

Brightside Boutique- 732 S. Broadway http://shopbrightside.com

Emporium Collagia- 1732 Thames Street http://emporiumcollagia.com

Fell’s Point Surf Company- 1631 Thames Street http://fellspointsurf.com

Greedy Reads- 1744 Aliceanna Street http://greedyreads.com

Hats in the Belfry-  813A S. Broadway http://hatsinthebelfry.com/locations-fells-point-baltimore-maryland

Katwalk Boutique- 1709 Aliceanna Street https://www.thekatwalkboutique.com

Luann Carra Art & Wellness- 1918 Fleet Street http://luanncarra.com

London Couture Boutique- 1716 Fleet Street https://www.londoncoutureboutique.com

MAJA- 1921 Fleet Streethttp://majacollections.com

Party Dress- 813B S. Broadway https://partydress.store/

Poppy & Stella- 728 S. Broadway https://poppyandstella.com/

Saratoga Trunk- 1740 Aliceanna Street, (410) 327-6635

Scrub Nail Boutique- 722 S. Broadway- #200 http://www.scrubnailboutique.com

Spa Glyka- 735 S. Ann Street http://fellspointsalon.com

SW Hair Studio- 1745 Fleet Street, (410) 779-7047

Tennis Shoe Wearhouse- 531 S. Broadway, (410) 276-2234

The Seasoned Olive- 805 S. Broadway https://www.theseasonedolive.com/

Urban Pirates- 911 S. Ann Street http://urbanpirates.com

Zelda Zen- 1634 Thames Street https://zelda-zen.business.site/

In Appreciation of Fell’s Point

December 19, 2020

To: Fells Point Main Street

From: Kara & Scott Seiler

Please accept our enclosed donation to help the restaurants and businesses of Fell’s Pont. We just wanted to say thank you for all they contribute to this community. The thank you is summarized in the below commentary I sent to the Baltimore Sun last week; they elected not to publish it, stating “they didn’t have a place for it”. Anyway, just wanted to share with you our appreciation of Fell’s Point this Holiday Season. If there is anything else we can do in further support, just let us know. Happy Holidays!


In challenging times, a thank you to Fell’s Point

It was a beautiful September day. We took a break from the mountain of moving boxes littering our new apartment. I remember it was unseasonably warm. If there was a day that could be bottled as a marketing advertisement for Fell’s Point, this would be it. We sat on a bench outside Pitango Bakery, devouring our prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches. There was a perfect breeze coming off the Inner Harbor, and Thames Street bustled like an active seaside postcard behind us. My husband and I talked about how lucky we were to have finally sold our house in Houston, Texas after a long year. We couldn’t believe our fortune of having the opportunity to live in this quaint area of Baltimore. So many amazing restaurants to choose from. Not those chains or depressing strip mall restaurants so prevalent near our old North-of-Houston neighborhood. Over the next few months, we mapped out the Fell’s Point area. We had the best soft pretzel and tater tots from Max’s Taphouse (and, while waiting, our dog Sophie got her photo taken for their Instagram dog page). We walked through Little Italy; I closed my eyes and it smelled just like my grandmother’s kitchen when she made ravioli and sauce. Along the harbor we watched Ampersea erect mini glass houses for cold-weather dining. And then re-erect them after the wind blew them down. Our waiter at Duck Duck Goose spent a good five minutes fiddling with the propane heater to make sure we were warm, even though we were the only diners outside that cold evening. We walked back and forth twice to Darbar because they forgot our Naan and later discovered in our take-out bag a note, handwritten and attached to a free container of rice pudding, that simply said: “Sorry for the inconvenience.” We spent chilly mornings sipping coffee outside Daily Grind watching passerbys chat with the man outside who asks for change. The mussels at Bertha’s. The burger at Kooper’s. The unexpected discount at Su Casa for being a repeat customer and the owner remembering my husband when he used to live here 20 years ago. The guy at Charm City Run who spent 10 minutes asking us how we liked living in the area. The farmers market and volunteers braving the cold. The many friendly people we met while walking Sophie. I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, and New York City. Places like Fell’s Point just don’t exist everywhere. Maybe you appreciate it more when you don’t have it. No area is perfect and perhaps the newbie rose-colored glasses are still on, but Fell’s Point feels special. The tenacity and resilience and innovation of these restaurants/businesses- the chains, the dives, the fancy ones, the moms and pops, and the retail shops of all kinds- is inspiring. The employees who show up even if it’s only to serve three customers a day… who close and reopen, who configure menus, and set up tents, and fiddle with heaters, and create take-home meal kits… who reinvent and keep the spirit of Fell’s Point alive, even when the future is uncertain. Thank you, for giving us a piece of home, a warm meal, a sense of community- and often, just something to look forward to. Thank you, for welcoming us to Fell’s Point.

Enjoy Your Favorite Restaurants’ Cuisine & Cocktails at Home this Winter!

Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from enjoying your favorite restaurant. Order take-out or delivery and relish the delicious food and drinks knowing that you supported a Fell’s Point business during this difficult time.

Abbey Burger Bistro http://www.abbeyburgerfellspoint.com

Alexander’s Tavern http://www.alexanderstavern.com

Blue Moon Cafe http://bluemoonbaltimore.com

Brick Oven Pizza http://www.boppizza.com

Daily Grind http://www.fellsgrind.com

Friends & Family http://www.friendsandfamilybaltimore.com

Kooper’s Tavern http://www.kooperstavern.com

Max’s Taphouse http://shop.maxs.com

One Eyed Mike’s http://www.oneeyedmikes.com

Papi’s Tacos http://www.papistacosfells.com

Peter’s Inn http://www.petersinn.com

Pie in the Sky http://www.pieintheskybaltimore.com

Red Star http://www.redstarfellspoint.com/

Rye http://ryebaltimore.com

Sajoma, 1708 Fleet St., 443-438-7004

Sofi’s Crepes http://sofiscrepes.square.site

Sophia’s Place, Broadway Market, 410-342-6105

Stuggy’s http://www.stuggys.com

The Point in Fells http://www.thepointinfells.com

Twist https://twistfellspoint.com

V-NO Wine Bar & Shop http://v-no.com

Vikki’s Deli, Broadway Market, 410-276-6996

Waterfront Hotel http://www.waterfronthotel.us

Stroll around charming Fell’s Point to see what other places you can carry out food & drinks from, after you stop by our OPEN retail shops first.